Why Product Reviews Are So Important For Customers?

Why Product Reviews Are So Important For Customers?

Are there enough customer reviews?

Your product description and advertising copy may be the most important areas. Reviews might feel like an afterthought.

However, reviews are essential for your business. From the consumer’s perspective, they’re vital for finding the perfect product – and an astonishing 95% of customers are influenced by online reviews.

Here are the reasons:

  • Consumers (Generally speaking) Find Product Reviews to be Trustworthy
  • Advertisements are not trusted by consumers, but reviews are.

This can be particularly the case when reviews are provided on third-party websites, such as pickireviews.co.uk.

Customer reviews are as valuable as any other form of feedback. Word of mouth. Reviews are a way for customers to see what other people think about a product.

Customers understand that different customers may have different experiences with a product so they will read multiple reviews. But, reviews will give them an overall impression.

Contrary to popular belief, negative reviews can actually be a selling point for your product. Because a few negative or mixed reviews can help you determine if the reviews are honest.

A product with only 5 stars reviews may make consumers suspicious. It’s important to include a few critical reviews, even though you can control the reviews for your product.

Reviewers Get Detailed Context from Consumers

Customers can leave reviews that provide detailed information about your product. Sometimes, it might not be possible to provide this information through the product specifications and description.

Customers may read reviews to help them decide if your product is right for them.

They might also want to verify your claims about the product. Consumers will seek reviews from those who have owned the product for a long time if the manufacturer claims that the product will last years.

Reviews can help you make your products more visible

Reviews have a number of benefits for both consumers and you. They help to make your product more visible.

Many reviews use the same language people use to search for your product. They also add additional content to your product pages. This can really help your SEO (search engine optimizing)

Reviewers Love to Give Reviews on Products They Have Purchased

It is possible to feel that customers won’t want to take the time and OveReview your product. After all, they already own the product so why would they not return to it to review it again?

However, many people enjoy reviewing products. There are as many as10% of customers51% of people review products regularly, while 51% do it occasionally.

Customers may feel more connected to your brand if they can leave positive reviews about a product.

Three Ways to Get More Customer Reviews

Here are some simple ways to get more reviews from customers.

#1: Make it quick and easy to leave a reviewYou can’t influence the way your products are sold on platforms like Amazon and eBay. However, if your product is available for review on your site, you should make it as easy as possible for customers to do so.

#2: Send an Email to Request a ReviewIt should be done within one week of purchase. This could lead to as high as an 18% response rate.

#3: Use social media to share positive customer reviews. This will help you get more reviews in front of potential customers and remind your customers to leave a review.

Online reviews are trusted by shoppers and can help them make informed buying decisions. Over four out of five shoppers (86%) say that online reviews are somewhat or very trustworthy. This trust is however mild with almost three-quarters of four (73%) customers saying that they trust online reviews. Only one in ten (13%) are more trusting online reviews.

Fear of fake reviews is the reason for this lack of trust in online reviews. Nearly nine in ten shoppers believe that people post fake reviews online. Only 48 percent of shoppers think it has happened at least once. Both men (90%), as well as women (89%), are more likely to suspect fake reviews online. All key age groups, including millennials (88%), boomers (89%), and seniors (91%), are aware of fake online reviews. This is a major challenge retailer must address.

Retailers can win shoppers’ trust by making sure reviews are authentic and transparent. Encourage everyday shoppers to leave reviews, and not experts or celebrities, to be more transparent. Online reviews by other shoppers are trusted more than celebrities and experts (84%)

To ensure that reviews are not paid for, retailers and brands can use the verified purchase’ option. 35% of shoppers doubt that companies or brands have bought reviews.

Negative reviews should not be filtered. 95% of shoppers are skeptical about negative reviews. Generally, 57% of shoppers believe that brands and companies have removed negative reviews. This is a clear indication of the importance of keeping negative reviews. Almost 7/10 (68%) shoppers trust negative reviews more than positive reviews.

Negative reviews are important because more than 4 in 5 (82%) shoppers actively search for negative reviews. These shoppers spend more time researching and consume more content than shoppers who don’t actively seek negative reviews.

Online shoppers are more likely to buy if they read negative reviews than if they see positive ones. Negative reviews are 85% more likely for online shoppers to purchase the product than all other shoppers. This shows that consumers want to read balanced reviews, not just glowing accounts of how great a product is.

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