The Different Types Of Apartments

The Different Types Of Apartments

When shopping for an apartment, you should consider the price range, location, layout, and storage space as well as noise.

It can be difficult to choose the right apartment for you, as there are many options. We have created a guide that will help you choose the right apartment for your needs. Let’s get started!


A studio apartments in tulum for sale consists of a small, open-plan apartment. The apartment consists of one room, which includes the bedroom, living, and kitchen areas. It also has a separate room with a full bathroom. There are two types of studio apartments: an alcove and a convertible.

Studio Alcove

Alcove studios are the same as traditional studios but have an L partition in their living rooms. This means that there is an area for a bed in the alcove. This allows you to easily curtain the area or wall-off it for privacy.

Convertible studio/apartment

The layout of a convertible studio is the same as that of a studio apartment. The apartment is large enough to be able to build a wall and create a bedroom.

A convertible apartment, on the other hand, has enough space to convert an area into an additional bedroom or secondary space. This type of apartment can also be called a two-bedroom convertible or a two-bedroom flexible.

Some apartments might not allow the creation of new walls or charge an additional fee to make changes.

Micro apartment

These are tiny, one-room apartments that measure less than 350 square feet. These apartments will have a place for sitting, sleeping, and a bathroom. These apartments are most common in densely populated areas, where rent prices can be high for small spaces.


The loft apartment usually has one large room with high ceilings. Lofts can also be found in renovated commercial buildings with large windows and exposed brick.


A duplex multi-family home has two units within one building. Duplex apartments will have separate entrances. They often have living areas upstairs and downstairs. Both units will be roughly the same in size.


A triplex is an apartment building that contains three units. These apartment units, which are similar to a duplex, will all have their entrances and be comparable in size. They also have multiple living spaces.


A co-op, or cooperative housing, is an apartment in which one purchases to become part-owner of the entire property. Part-owners will have the right to live in the available apartments but will also be responsible for paying the mortgage or maintaining the property.

Most often, approvals are made through the building’s board. Some rules and procedures must be followed to get approved.

Garden apartment

A garden apartment can be found on the ground floor or in the basement and has direct access to an outdoor area. These types of apartments can be dangerous and pest-prone so it is a good idea to inspect them in person.


High-rise apartments are units in apartment buildings or communities with more than 12 stories. These types of apartments and buildings are likely to have multiple elevators.


Mid-rise apartments are located in apartment buildings that range from five to eleven stories high. This type of apartment is usually found in urban settings and has only one elevator.


Low-rise apartments are those that are located on one to four floors and have no access to an elevator.

Railroad apartment

Railroad apartments are named after their straight floor plans. They usually have three to four rooms that connect without the need for a hallway. This type of apartment can be found in older and smaller buildings.


A walk-up apartment is located in a building only accessible via stairs. These apartments are typically smaller and more rented. Although walk-up apartments are more affordable than other types of apartments, they can also be less desirable due to the lack of an elevator.

Other options

These apartments aren’t the only options for renters; condos, townhomes, and houses are also options.

  • Condo: These units are most similar to apartments, but they are rented directly from the owner rather than from the building.
  • Townhouse Townhomes have typically multiple floors and share one or more neighboring walls.
  • House: The house is freestanding and can be found on its land. They are also known as single-family houses. These homes typically have front and rear yards, detached or attached garages, and are often called single-family homes.

There are many types of apartments to choose from, so no matter if you’re looking to downsize or upgrade, there’s an apartment for you. You can find out more.


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