Netflix’s Best Drama Shows

Netflix’s Best Drama Shows

Sometimes all you need is an immersive drama. Netflix has it. Netflix has some of the best Bingeable TV Series of all time, including Breaking Bad and Leonard.

Stop and catch fire

Created By: Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers

castle Pace and Scoot McNairy. Mackenzie Davis, Kerry Bishe, and Toby Huss.

Everyone is familiar with AMC’s award-winning dramas Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Catch Fire. But the original AMC series Halt and Catch Fire deserve to be included in the conversation. It follows four characters, each with their own stories, as they navigate the ever-changing world of computing and technology. The series began in 1983 Dallas. The first season felt a little too much like Mad Men, but the second season semi-reboots it and focuses on the women. Mackenzie Davis is a highly skilled programmer and Kerry is a housewife and mother with a knack for hardware. These characters will make you fall in love quickly and you’ll never be able to let go. Adam Chitwood

The Queen’s Gambit

Created By: Scott Frank

Cast Anya TaylorJoy, Marielle Hecker, Thomas BrodieSangster, Harry Melling and Bill Camp.

The Queen’s Gambit is a drama series with a brief beginning, middle, and end. This Netflix original is a smash hit. It takes place in the 1950s/60s. The story follows a young orphan who struggles to find joy wherever she can. She finds her way to chess and becomes a world-renowned champion, despite the difficulties she faces at home. Anya TaylorJoy ( Witch), is a remarkable actress in the lead role. Scott Frank (who directs all episodes) also does a great job. The Queen’s Gambit is a combination of a sports story and a prestigious drama series. It also offers an intense character study. Adam Chitwood


Created By: Chris Chibnall

Cast: David Tennant and Olivia Colman, Jodie Whitaker, Andrew Buchan. Arthur Darvill. Carolyn Pickles. Matthew Gravelle. Charlotte Beaumont. Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

The British drama series Broadchurch is a great choice if you are looking for a dramatic and murder mystery drama. The series originally aired on ITV. It features David Tennant as well as Olivia Colman as a pair of detectives investigating the disappearance of a young boy from a fictional English English town in Dorset. The murder mystery aspect is fascinating, but the show does not sacrifice the emotions of its characters. This young child’s death is tragic, and the show does an amazing job of exploring the families and communities that it has an impact on (fair warning: You will cry often). The second and third seasons aren’t as tight as Season 1. But they’re still very dramatic and engaging. Season 2 is about the trial that followed the Season 1 finale. Season 3 is about a completely new case. Adam Chitwood


Created By: Bill Dubuque & Mark Williams

Cast: Jason Bateman (Laura Linney), Julia Garner, Peter Mullan, and Janet McTeer).

The original Ozark on Netflix is a great alternative to Breaking Bad if you like dramas in the same vein. The series begins with Jason Bateman as a financial manager who finds out that his partner is in business with Mexican drug cartels. He learns that he can only pay them back by laundering his own money, and so he moves his family from Chicago to Ozarks to make a new life as an entrepreneur. As Bateman attempts to save his family and himself from danger and murder, intrigue, danger, as well as murder, ensue. This one is notable for its fast pace and ability to burn through the story. Adam Chitwood

Breaking Bad

Created By: Vince Gilligan

Cast: Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris. Betsy Brandt. RJ Mitte. Bob Odenkirk. Jonathan Banks. Giancarlo Esposito.

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad yet, I can convince you. The show transforms a character from a mild-mannered teacher of chemistry to a dangerous and fearsome drug dealer over five seasons. Bryan Cranston was a man with terminal cancer. He decides to make crystal meth to leave some money for his family. The thrilling journey is made even more memorable by the fact that the end is quite good. This one is a must-have. Adam Chitwood


Created By: Joe Penhall

Cast: Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany. Anna Torv, Hannah Gross, and Cotter Smith.

You must watch Mindhunter if you are a fan of procedurals and crime shows, but also love auteur cinema and the bloody yet delicious movies of David David Fincher. The Netflix original is based upon true events. It chronicles the beginning days of the FBI’s criminal profiling division in the late 1970s. Two FBI agents, Holden Ford ( Jonathan Groff), and Bill Tench( Holt McCallany) set out to interview serial killers in prison to find out why they did it. This would help to create a profile that will allow the FBI to capture these types of criminals. Fincher is the director of many episodes over the two seasons. The series offers a bit of a cat and mouse thrill ride as well as a lot of information about human behavior. Adam Chitwood


Created By: Patrick Somerville

Cast: Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, Justin Theroux. Sally Field, Sonoya Mizuno, Gabriel Byrne. Julia Garner. Billy Magnussen.

Maniac is a sci-fi drama unlike any other on TV. This limited series, directed entirely by Cary Fukunaga (No Time to Die), takes place in an advanced version of Earth where two depressed people–played by Emma Stone & Jonah Hill-—take part in a mind-bending drug trial that is meant to heal them. Fukunaga has the chance to present the shows in a variety of genres, including dark comedy and fantasy stories. Adam Chitwood

The Crown

Created by Peter Morgan

Cast: Claire Foy. Matt Smith. Jared Harris. John Lithgow

The most expensive Netflix series, The Crown explores the early reigns of Queen Elizabeth II. Beautifully directed, the series follows young Elizabeth (Claire Foy), who is newly married to Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Matt Smith), and begins her life as a princess before she has to become Queen. As her grandmother warns her, from there will be two Elizabeths: one who’s a young woman with her dreams and hopes, and one who’s a royal whose life is full of sacrifice and duty. “But the crown must always prevail.”

The Crown presents a captivating and engaging portrait of a young monarch living in modern times. It has one writer, Peter Morgan, to give it continuity and narrative. It offers a glimpse at many familiar faces in government at that time. The story glides through history and crosses the world, but is most effective when it examines Elizabeth’s life and those around her who have to change their perception of her (from a sister, daughter, and wife to a monarch they must obey at all times). Even though they seem to be a luxurious lifestyle, the trappings that come with power are described here as claustrophobic, wearisome, and seductive. You won’t want to leave the royal world of The Crown once you have entered it. It always wins. — Allison Keene

The Haunting of Hill House

Creator: Mike Flanagan

Cast Carla Gugino and Michael Huisman, Kate Siegel, and Mckenna Grace. Elizabeth Reaser, Victoria Pedretti. Lulu Wilson. Timothy Hutton. Violet McGraw. Julian Hilliard.

Yes, you could be mistaken for thinking that The Haunting of Hill House is a horror series. However, this family drama is also deeply personal. The limited series is inspired by Shirley Jackson’s seminal ghost story. It follows the Crain family as they bounce back and forth between their time at the titular house which ended in tragedy and the present day when the kids are all adults who have serious daddy problems. The show is directed by Mike Flanagan (Oculus) and Doctor Sleep filmmaker Mike Flanagan. Each episode builds on the previous and culminates in an emotional and heartfelt finale that deals with grief and mortality. Adam Chitwood

Anne with an E

Created By: Moira Willey-Beckett

Cast: Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine Jones, R.H. Thomson Lucas Jade Zumann Dalila Bela

Although Moira Walley Beckett’s retelling of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic Anne of Green Gables stories focuses heavily on Anne’s orphanage and bullying in school, Anne with an A is a happy story. Yes, just in case you were wondering! Dramas can also be joyful!

Although it does depart from the source material in some ways, the second season can find its voice and improve upon itself. With the addition of more “woke” stories, the series is also finding modern relevance. However, it doesn’t feel forced. It all fits in with Anne’s (McNulty’s) optimistic view on the world and its inhabitants. Anne has a joyous, humorous, and delightful exploration of teenage life. Even though the series is set more than 100 years ago, it does an outstanding job of creating a relatable atmosphere and aesthetic that allows for both the joys and the pains of growing up to feel just as real and raw as in real life. There are many triumphant scenes and joyful subplots in the new season, as well as moments of sorrow and hardship. All of it adds up into an inspiring season that ends with Anne Shirley-Cuthbert and her family looking forward to the endless possibilities in a world ever-expanding. — Allison Keene

Hap and Leonard

Developed By: Jim Mickle and Nick Damici

Cast: James Purefoy, Michael K. Williams

Based on Joe R. Lansdale’s novels, Hap, and Leonard are a hilarious, action-packed story about two unlikely friends. One is a white hippie-cowboy and the other is a gay, gay Vietnam vet who lived in East Texas in the 1980s. Although they often get in trouble and end up in the middle of a crime that they didn’t intend to investigate, the series is dark, deep, and soulful. Each of the six episodes of the show is a challenge. It balances humor with heartbreak, while its characters, villains, and beautiful landscape pop off the screen. It does this with grace. Every season tells a complete story like the novels. This makes it a satisfying and easy binge. A wonderful gem of Peak TV is Hap and Leonard thanks to their southern-fried bantering and unique dynamics. — Allison Keene

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Created By: Ryan Murphy

Cast: Darren Criss and Edgar Ramirez, Penelope Cruz and Ricky Martin, Ricky Martin, Cody Fern, and Finn Wittrock. Jon Jon Briones is also in the cast.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story may not be the best name, but it has the same quality and appeal as its predecessor The People V. O.J. Simpson. Ryan Murphy’s limited series does indeed cover the murder of Gianni Versace (Edgar Ramirez), but it focuses on Andrew Cunanan (Darren Criss), as it portrays an American Psycho-Esque portrait of a man who was deeply disturbed. This limited series jumps back and forth between times, but you end up with a complete picture of the events. Adam Chitwood


Created by Jed Mercurio

Cast: Richard Madden, Keeley Hawes

Jed Mercurio created Netflix’s six-episode series. It first aired on BBC (to a staggering viewership number). It tells the story of David Budd, a police officer in the metropolitan area who uses his military training to stop a terrorist attack. Bodyguard doesn’t want to be Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan, or any other celebrity. The series works because Madden can sell his toughest character, which includes all the intense moments. David is the bodyguard. The show’s tension and sexiness rise when David is assigned to be the bodyguard for Julia Montague, Conservative Home Secretary (Keeley Hayes). The show is an exciting ride that showcases Madden’s talent. He can not only lead Winterfell’s bannermen in Game of Thrones but also this breakout series or even a particular movie franchise. — Allison Keene

Narcos in Mexico


Created by: Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro

Cast: Michael Pena, Diego Luna, Tenoch Huerta Mejia, Alyssa Diaz, Joaquin Cosio, Jose Maria Yazpik

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever seen Narcos, it’s easy to grasp and feel compelled by Narcos’ world: Mexico. This country immediately introduces its opposition forces and sets the stage and for the eventual crash. In the late 1970s and early 80s, Mexico’s drug trade had become chaotic and was divided into small territories. Most of these territories were at war. The government intervened and set fire to fields in an act of defiance for those who weren’t paying their dues. Diego Luna’s drug lord Felix Gallardo, who was at the time an underling to a territory boss, sees an opportunity to create an “OPEC” of weed. He is shrewd, ambitious, and wants drug-running and drug-making to become a business.

Kiki Camerena (Michael Pena) is his opponent. Pena is a DEA agent, who moved his family from California to Guadalajara in search of a better job. Felix is smart and focused. However, Camerena finds Guadalajara’s outpost lacking both drive and resources. His belief that something is happening in Mexico to end the drug trade and his determination to prove it, despite being stopped by Mexican officials, ignite a fire among his colleagues. They soon organized into a task force to fight cartels.

Narcos Mexico features a stirring score by Gustavo Santaolalla. It is an intense series of standoffs and meetings with real stakes. Kiki and Felix have a strong connection and there is an investment. The show also has a skill in encouraging empathy for both characters, which can be tricky. It does this by remaining grounded. It doesn’t glorify drug lord life but paints it as an ephemeral cautionary tale for everyone. — Allison Keene

Better Call Saul

Created By: Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould

Cast: Bob Odenkirk. Jonathan Banks. Michael McKean

AMC’s Breaking Bad spinoff returns to Saul Goodman (Odenkirk), at a time when Jimmy McGill (or “Slippin’ Jimmy”) was a hustler with courtroom ambitions whose life was yet to be turned upside-down by Walter White. Odenkirk’s exceptional performance proved Odenkirk to be as funny and quirky as you would expect. However, the languid, artistically rendered Saul was also very dramatic and affecting. The emotional undercurrent of the episode is Jimmy’s difficult relationship with Chuck (McKean), and his failure to pursue his dreams of joining a real law office. He opens his nail salon, which attracts a lot of clients. But it’s his selfless work for the elderly that gives the series its dramatic edge.

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