How to maintain wooden floors

How to maintain wooden floors

Regular upkeep is necessary to maintain wooden floors for a long time. offers some inexpensive tips for maintaining wooden floors to maintain their sheen and reduce the risk of damage.

Wooden floors have a warm, inviting appearance that can influence the design and overall look of interiors. Wooden floorings require more attention in terms of time, money, and energy.

According to Sumit Aggrawal (Interior Designer at Homzkraft), “The warm and rich look of wood floors is not a reflection on the effort and time required to maintain them.” Many wood finishes can be cleaned, but these should not be done every day. To restore the wood’s shine and quality, a simple dry mop and vacuum can be used regularly. offers easy, effective ways to keep your wooden floors in good condition without breaking the bank.

How do you clean wood floors that are already finished?

Most wood floors are furnished with a hard-wearing sealant that protects the wood underneath. Polyurethane, polyacrylic, and urethane are the most common types of sealants. These sealants are waterproof and stain-proof, making cleaning your floor a breeze. You can wash the floor with a mild detergent or dishwashing soap.

It is best to avoid too much water. Pre-finished laminate flooring Wallasey means that the floorboards have been sealed before being fitted. Water can build up and seep between boards, leading to decay. After washing the floor, it is important to mop it. To avoid oversaturation, always wring the mop thoroughly.

How do you clean unfurnished wooden floors

Wood floors that are unfinished or lightly finished have a matte floor surface. Wood floors are usually furnished. Those who haven’t refinished their floors in a while should know how to clean the boards of a wood floor without water. Water cannot be used as it can soak into the wood, causing damage to the fibers and the development of molds.

Dry mopping or vacuum cleaning is the best way of removing grime. Wooden floors that are not furnished are more susceptible to staining and scratches. Apply wax for wooden floors to the area. Rub the wax until it is completely absorbed. Overuse of wax can cause discoloration.


How can you protect your wood floors from dirt and damage?

These tips will help you maintain your hardwood floors. To keep the floor clean and prevent any damage, the following tips can be used in conjunction with deep cleaning.

  • Dry cleaning – This is the minimum you can do to keep your floor clean. You should vacuum the curtains and any accessories. But don’t forget about the floor. The surface can look unappetizing if it is covered in small pieces of dirt from shoes.
  • Rugs: Doormats are placed at the entrance to keep dirt and debris away. You should not bring shoes into the room. You can also place a shoe rack at the entrance. A notice stating “Please keep your shoes outside” is placed on the main door. This will ensure a clean floor and protect your toddler from germs. You can also use carpets or rugs to cover furniture areas as sharp edges can cause scratching and marks.
  • Traffic areas: Areas that receive more traffic throughout the day should be mopped more often. It is important to clean walkways and galleries daily.

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