Easy Way to Connect Your Playstation to Hotel’s Wifi

Easy Way to Connect Your Playstation to Hotel’s Wifi

Do you frequently travel for business yet spend your nights bored in a hotel room? You can pass the time by playing video games on your console. Bring your PS4 along on your next trip and play whenever you want.
Though this allows you access to games, you must learn how to connect it to the hotel wifi to enjoy gaming while experiencing internet issues. Connecting the PS4 to the hotel wifi does not have to be difficult because there are several options. The most typical way is the simple setup option. You can also use custom settings, a wired Ethernet connection, or a third-party hotspot to connect the PS4 to the hotel wifi. So without further I do, I’ll tell you how to connect PlayStation to hotel wifi.

Discover what you’ll need to connect your PS4 to a hotel’s WiFi.

Every dedicated gamer who travels with a PS4 brings along a few items for connecting it to the hotel wifi. Bring an HDMI cable, a controller, and a power wire. The hotel should supply you with the wifi information, including the username and password.
Various methods for connecting the PS4 to the internet via wifi

The simple installation option

To get started, follow these steps. Begin by connecting the PS4 to the hotel TV and turning it on. Go to settings and hit X to select the toolbox icon. Look for the network section in the toolbox choices and click on it. This will take you to the next section, which is meant to help you set up your internet connection. Select the option to connect to the hotel’s WiFi. You will then be presented with two options: easy setup and custom setup. If this is your first time connecting your PS4 to the hotel wifi, stick to the easiest setup option.
Look for and click on the name of the hotel’s wireless network. Wait for the PS4 to connect before entering the wifi password. Once the connection is established, the internet settings should be automatically preserved. This means you won’t have to go through the connecting process each time you use your PS4 from the hotel.
After that, you may test the connection. Locate the button labeled test internet connection. If the connection was not successful, you need to go to the details option and enter some network log-in information. Keep an eye out for the browser window that appears with the hotel network details. You can log in with the details and then connect. After connecting, use the console’s back button to return to the network screen. You can also test the connection at this point to see if it worked.

Using the custom settings to connect

Aside from the way described above, you can connect your PS4 to the hotel wifi by utilizing the custom DNS server. In this option, you must navigate to the internet connection setup page, just like you did in the first approach. The next step is to select WiFi. Instead of selecting the easy setup as in the first scenario, you should now pick custom. Select the hotel network and then enter the password supplied. If you have already attempted to connect to the hotel network, the password will be remembered automatically.
Check that the IP address settings are set to automatic and the DNS settings are set to manual. The LAN settings should be set to wire, and the DCHP hostname should be set to do not use. When all of these settings are correct, make sure the primary DNS is “” and the secondary DNS is “,” then click next. The MTU settings should be read automatically as well. Don’t forget to test the connection to ensure that the settings are correct.

Using Ethernet across a wire

Hotels provide wifi access to guests in a variety of methods. Some hotels use an Ethernet connection with each room’s TV. Look for an Ethernet wire at the back of the TV if you wish to use your PS4. This will allow you to connect your PS4 console right away.


Using a third-party hotspot to connect the console

If you frequently travel with other smart devices, such as laptops or smartphones, you may use them to connect your PS4 to the hotel wifi as well. You can use your smartphone to use a service called Connectify and use it to connect the console to the wifi in the hotel where you are staying. This is a virtual router that lets you share your laptop’s wifi connection with other devices. Utilizing this method can assist you in avoiding any hotel wifi expenses that you may pay when using various gadgets.
To utilize this method, connect the game console to the Connectify hotspot before leaving the house. When you arrive at the hotel, the PlayStation will remember the hotspot password and SSID. Then, connect your laptop to the hotel network. Connect the PS4 gaming system to the internet using WiFi. You should avoid altering the password or SSID because doing so will need you to re-establish the connection.


Do not allow yourself to become bored in your spare time. The PS4 system can keep you occupied because it allows you to play some of the games described above. If you are staying in a hotel, you must connect to the wifi to use the game console. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, including using a wired Ethernet connection with the quick setup option, custom settings, or a third-party hotspot. Choose one of these techniques to begin playing games in a matter of minutes.


What if I can’t find the hotel’s wifi information?
You can always contact customer service and ask for this information.
Which is the simplest method for connecting my PS4 to the hotel wifi?
Using a wired Ethernet connection.

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