Cocktail Glasses That You Can Use For Any Type Of Drink

Cocktail Glasses That You Can Use For Any Type Of Drink

You can upgrade your home bar’s cocktail skills by investing in a spirits delivery service or club. You can improve your home’s mixology by investing in a spirits delivery service or club. You can also improve your drinking experience by using the best glass for your drink. Although any glass can help you get your drink in your mouth, certain shapes are best for specific drinks.

Jim Meehan, journalist, bartender, and author of The PDT Cocktail Book, and Meehan’s Bartender Manual, says that tradition is the main reason it matters. He says that people have certain expectations about how cocktails should look in the glass. Using the right vessel to serve your cocktail can help you improve your home bartending skills.

Meehan says that the only thing that using the right cocktail glasses can do is improve the taste of your drinks. It might not in your head. While glasses are helpful in the appreciation and enjoyment of some wines, it is not the same for cocktails. Meehan says that cocktails are often served cold which dulls their aroma. “Most cocktails are served up to their rims, which can be traced back at the value being associated with volume.”

A traditional glass, paired with the right drink, gives off a different look and feel than you would find in a bar. Meehan says that glassware is the liquid’s packaging and consumers have expectations about its value. The same could be said about the glasses you use to entertain guests at your home, even though the value is not commodified in a similar way.

Meehan suggests that you choose the right glassware for your cocktails.

Best Cocktail Glasses For Martinis

Riedel Extreme Martini Glass Set of 2.

The traditional Martini glasses have a long stem to keep your drink cold, but the straight edges and small capacity make it difficult to drink from them without spilling. These glasses hold 8 ounces so that you can enjoy a standard 3-4 ounce martini without having to balance it. These glasses are dishwasher-safe, which is a big advantage over other martini glasses.

Best Cocktail Glass For Fizzes

Riedel Highball Glass

Meehan states that traditional highballs and fizzes were served without ice. This is why Collins glasses are a bit shorter than Collins glasses. Zane Harris, a specialist in craft spirits, designed this attractive Riedel set of two highball glasses. The glass features a vertical panel for easy grip and a pebbled base to ensure your drink doesn’t slip.

Best Cocktail Glass For Wine Spritzers

Williams Sonoma Angle White Wine glasses, set of 4

It doesn’t take much to choose a wineglass for spritzers. Meehan said that you can use the same wineglass you normally use for wine but make sure you have enough space for plenty of wine and club soda. These Williams Sonoma glasses fit the bill. These glasses are made from lead-free crystal with a wide, angled base that can hold your wine, fizz, and any other items you may add, such as a bottle cap catcher.

Best Cocktail Glass For Moscow Mules

Coppermill Kitchen Vintage-Inspired Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Set of 4.

Moscow Mules are traditionally served in copper cups to keep them as chilled and refreshing as possible. Moscow Mule enthusiasts swear that the mugs make the cocktail taste better. Coppermill Kitchen’s vintage-inspired set has beautiful hand-hammered details. They also double as kitchen decor if left on an open shelf.

Best Cocktail Glass For Spirits on the Rocks

Schott Zwiesel Distil Whiskey glasses, set of 2

Meehan states that an old fashioned glass or double old-fashioned (DOF), is the best choice for sipping whiskey, vodka, or other spirits on the rocks. The Schott Zweisel collection features crystal that is reinforced with titanium to resist breakage, chipping, scratching. They are perfect for your favorite spirit over the ice. However, they can also be used to make cocktails, juice, or sparkling water. They can also be washed in the dishwasher, which makes them ideal for daily use.

Best Cocktail Glass For Coffee Cocktails

La Rochere Louison Coffee Mugs Set of 6

You could still sip your coffee from a ceramic mug but the glass version is more elegant than what you would use to make your morning cup. La Rochere Louison mugs are great for any kind of coffee drink, hot or cold. Made in France, they are footed for style and stability. They also have a delicate handle that will keep your fingers warm while you sip.

Best Cocktail Glass For Margaritas

Set of 2 Sobremesa Recycled Margarita glasses, Hand-Blown by Sobremesa

The classic margarita glass is easily identifiable by its tapered bottom and wide top. Sobremesa’s set is distinguished by its square shape and colored rim. It comes in either blue or green. Each piece is handmade in Guatemala from recycled glass and hand-blown by skilled artisans. They can be washed in the dishwasher, despite being handmade.

Best Cocktail Glass For Champagne Cocktails

Set of 6 Metallic Rimmed Champagne Coupes

Coupe glasses have a shallow, wide saucer that allows for just enough space to hold your favorite Champagne cocktail or Champagne. They also offer a little more interest and style than standard flutes. These simple glasses add a touch of sparkle to your barware by having a metallic rim. They are available in gold and silver.

Best Cocktail Glass For Aperol Spritzes

Duralex French Gigogne Tumblers Set of 12

While you might often find an Aperol spritz in a standard wine glass, they’re actually traditionally served in a tumbler, Meehan says. The Gigogne tumblers can be stacked for easy storage and are simple to hold. The body has a delicate rim to prevent slippage, while the tapered body gives it a modern yet accessible feel. Duralex glasses are not only beautiful, but they also undergo a tempering process to ensure that they are chip- and impact-resistant. You can expect to be able to use them for many years.

Best Cocktail Glass For Tropical Drinks

Set of 4 Libbey Hurricane Glasses

According to Meehan, hurricane glasses are the most popular vessel for tropical drinks. This set offers a fun twist to the traditional look. The pineapple-inspired design doubles as fun decor and the texture makes them more grippable. The sturdy 17-ounce glasses can be washed in a dishwasher, so clean-up is as simple as the drink.

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