7 Indispensable WordPress SEO Plugins

7 Indispensable WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress’s basic install isn’t too bad SEO wise, but there are ways to improve it, such as changing the permalink structure for example.

To really get the search engines in awe of your WordPress install you can install a few plugins which can be of great benefit, below are 7 WordPress plugins which will improve your blogs SEO.

Below each plugin there is a brief description of its function, to read more about each plugin please visit the author site.

404 SEO Plugin

This alters your 404 message and automatically links to relevant links on your site based off the url that was not found.

All in One SEO Pack

Probably the best known of SEO plugins for WordPress, this optimises your blog for the search engines.

Automatic SEO Links

This searches and links certain words in a post to a specified URL.

Simple SEO for Paged Comments

Stops WordPress generating duplicate content with paged comments, and sets unique titles for each comment page.

Platinum SEO Plugin

This plugin can optimise post and page titles and generate relevant meta tags automatically.

SEO Title Tag


SEO Title Tag optimizes the title tags across your blog.

SEO Smart Links

Automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and allows you to set the nofollow attribute.

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