5 Websites For Downloading Free Music

5 Websites For Downloading Free Music

Everyone enjoys receiving free things, right? What if we told you that we had discovered five legitimate, free music download websites? All of the websites we’re promoting provide some sort of free audio download, allowing you to find new bands and musicians without taking any risks.

You can choose to pay to download more of their content if you enjoy what you hear and can afford to do so in order to support them.

Here are five free music download websites we like to peruse, listed in alphabetical order.

The Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive, or FMA, was established in 2009 by radio station WFMU and is currently owned by music platform and music licensing business Tribe of Noise. Original music from the site is accessible for free.

Tens of millions of people download music from the FMA each month for personal use, and many more share and remix the music in movies, podcasts, video games, apps, and even school projects.

The abundance of music available for free personal use can be found by genre. These include spoken content, experimental audio, old time/historic, blues, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, pop, rock, country, folk, classical, and R&B, as well as other specialized categories.

We especially appreciate how those genres are divided up into sub-genres. Jungle, techno, chill-out, trip-hop, and dubstep are just a few examples of subcategories within the electronic genre.

To find content, you may also use keyword searches. On the website, you can listen to music in the streaming mode. To download a song, just click the download arrow next to it. To your own “mixes,” other tracks can be added.

If a user of FMA enjoys what they hear, they can “tip” the artist by making a payment to their PayPal account.


Jamendo was the first platform to legally share music for free from any producer under Creative Commons licenses when it was established in Luxembourg in 2004. According to Jamendo, the site is “all about bringing together performers and music fans from around the world.”

You may access a collection of more than 500,000 tracks shared by 40,000 artists from more than 150 nations worldwide on Jamendo Music. All of the songs is available for free streaming without logging in.

You do need to sign in if you hear something you like and want to download it (for personal use only), but it’s a short and easy process. Simply click the “Free Download” button that is located next to the “Play” button on the track’s website after logging in. Similar simple actions include like, sharing, and adding the track to a playlist.

We suggest perusing the “Hot Selections” playlists on the website if you wish to use Jamendo Music to find new music. These playlists have been carefully chosen by Jamendo’s music specialists. Additionally, you may use Jamendo’s “Explore” option to browse by communities, playlists, and most recent releases if you’re looking for The Next Big Thing.


ReverbNation has provided an internet streaming service for artists to market their work and for fans to take advantage of since 2006. ReverbNation is primarily a streaming music service that also allows users to buy music. Additionally, the platform enables artists to specify various rights for their work, and some do decide to provide free downloads.

If a song is available for download on ReverbNation, a tiny download icon will appear next to the song’s duration. To save it to your PC, just click it.

Some musicians and bands could ask you to “Like” their page, share it, or join their mailing list, but if you like that song, it won’t be a big deal.

We appreciate the user-friendly layout and crisp design of ReverbNation. To hear fresh music selected by ReverbNation’s Curation Team, just click “Play” on any of the featured collections.

To browse or check what’s fresh in your preferred genres, visit the sidebar. You may always add new music you enjoy to your library or share it on social media with your friends.


SoundClick is the most seasoned service we’re showcasing and a true innovator in internet music. Tanju and Tolgar Canli, twin brothers, founded SoundClick in 1997 with the goal of “working on the artists’ behalf, to make their music easily available online.”

A social music community with strong social aspects is SoundClick. You receive your own profile page with photo albums and video uploads after registering. Additionally, you can design your own SoundClick stations.

On the website, you may both stream and download music. There are a ton of songs that may be downloaded in MP3 format for free for personal use, while some are exclusively accessible for purchase.

The download icon is shown to the right of the screen and makes it simple to identify tracks that may be downloaded.

Downloading is incredibly quick and simple. By just clicking the download button, the download will start right away.


SoundCloud, which was established in 2008, calls itself “the largest music and audio platform in the world.” Music and audio producers utilize SoundCloud to share their work with a global audience so that we can listen to fantastic music, for free, online. SoundCloud enables individuals to find a wide variety of music from a very diverse creative community.

All the expected musical genres are represented on SoundCloud. Finding a track or SoundCloud playlist you like the appearance of is quite easy with a keyword search. If you hear a song you really like, you can click through metrolagu to check if you can download it for free.

After logging into your SoundCloud account online, you can download songs by clicking the download file button next to the waveform.

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