12 Great Mattress Options That You Will Love

12 Great Mattress Options That You Will Love

According to law, I became an adult at the age of 18. It’s not true. I didn’t feel like a grown-up until I was 20, when I went to Ikea to buy a mattress.

Mom was not there to help me choose it, and Dad wasn’t there for the payment. It was probably the best thing for me. My parents still use a waterbed to sleep.

After several moves, a divorce, and the purchase of my first house, I’ve since purchased a few more mattresses. There are still things I wish I knew before I bought each mattress. These tips can help you save time and money, even if you don’t get to meet Amy Schumer. She bought a mattress for an employee in exchange for her using the bathroom.

9 Tips to Choose the Best Mattress

May is the best month to buy a mattress. According Consumer Reports the mattress industry releases new products in June. Essentially, this means that most stores have sold out their older models by Memorial Day. Be aware that different mattresses may feel differently in different months. In Montana, where I live, for example, my memory foam mattress can feel stiff if it is below freezing. Once I add heat to the mattress, it will soften.

Avoiding corners will lead to high prices: I spent only $100 on my first mattress purchase at Ikea eight years ago. I chose the cheapest option because I was a college student. It still makes me shiver to think back on the nights I spent turning and tossing on a mattress that was about as comfortable as my parents’ RV bunk beds. I can’t blame the mattress for my bad relationship with Ikea. I slept on it for almost a year.

Sleep well A third of your life is spent sleeping. This statistic is important to remember when you are searching for the right mattress for your needs. It can be tedious with so many models to compare. It’s not so bad if you think about how much time it will take.

Older mattresses are better than new ones for a Crushed velvet bed from Hugo & Sons. My grandmother used to own the mattress that I now sleep on. It was a $2,500 Tempur-Pedic. In her 80s, she didn’t have much money to spend on anything. She spent so much time on her bed that she bought a comfortable mattress for her final days. My pillow-top mattress is from an estate sale. It’s a comfortable and very well-received bed that Airbnb guests love.

Have help choosing a mattress but you can assemble it yourself. Kayla, a friend from Hawaii, spent a lot on a Mattress Number. After getting her number, which tells her how firm or soft she should have her mattress, in-store, she was able to sleep soundly since day one. Her husband, who couldn’t have his number calculated in-store, spent over a month trying to figure it out at home.

She said that she wished they had saved $280 to have it assembled by the delivery team. It’s easy to set up if you have some tools and a little mechanical aptitude.
Please read the fine print: I have never returned a mattress, although I should. However, I have heard horror stories about friends who were forced to pay outrageous removal and/or restocking charges. Although most stores allow you to return a mattress, it may cost you. The warranty might not be as valuable as you think. Most warranties are prorated, and some require that you use the mattress with a specific frame or box spring. If you use heating pads or electric blankets, your warranty is immediately null. Remember that the warranty only applies as long as the manufacturer remains in business.

Cooling gel is worth it: My boyfriend first boasted about his cooling gel mattress. I laughed and rolled mine eyes. It was a joke and he shouldn’t have to sweat if he wanted to sleep well. It’s great, and I have slept on it. It’s not as cold as I thought. It is more breathable than traditional memory foam so that body heat doesn’t get trapped.
$200 is all it takes: After my $100 Ikea nightmare, I decided to make sure that the next mattress I purchased was at least $600. Price was not the best indicator of quality. The mattress technology has improved over the past decade and online shopping makes it more affordable. It’s not uncommon to find a comfortable mattress online without having to dip into your savings. You may not be able to try the Zinus memory foam green tea mattress before you open your credit card. There are more than 25,000 reviews online. One TODAY staffer also slept for six months on the best selling

Zinus mattress and declared it to be the best she has ever owned.
Check your wallet: I was able to spend a lot of time mattress shopping after the Ikea disaster, but I realized that I didn’t have my apartment keys. They fell out of my pocket sometime during the day, probably when I fell asleep and splayed on a test model. My boyfriend allowed me to enter. It was embarrassing to go back and visit each mattress store again the next day, until I found them.

These are the best mattresses you can buy right now

Bahar Takhtehchian, a Smarter Living Expert and founder bahartak.com was able to help us find the right mattress for you. Takhtehchian suggests that you visit a local store to try out the mattresses before making a purchase online. We should replace our mattresses every seven years. Takhtehchian also advised us to go into a store to try out the different mattresses before you buy anything online.

1. TempurPedic’s TEMPURAdapt(r)

Takhtehchian said TODAY that the Tempur-Pedic is good for back problems or achy joints.

2. Casper Original Mattress

These mattresses are affordable and easy to order online. They are made with three layers of foam that cools the body and come with a 100-night risk-free trial.

3. Tuft & Needle Adaptive Foam Mattress

Takhtehchian claims that Tuft and Needle produces some of the most comfortable mattresses in boxes available. It’s easy to understand why so many people love it.

4. Serta Luxe Mattress

These mattresses are well-known and trusted by customers.

5. Sleep Number 360(r) c2 Smart Bed

These mattresses are very customizable, which Takhtehchian loved. Do you and your partner prefer a firm mattress? If so, then Team Soft Mattress is the right choice. The smartphone app allows you to change the feel of your mattress at home, so you can both get exactly what you want.

6. Zinus Green tea Memory Foam Mattress

After hearing rave reviews from colleagues, we added this mattress to our list. This mattress was purchased by a TODAY editor in a hurry when she moved to New York City. She says it is the best mattress she has ever owned. The mattress is supportive and a little firm but it also sinks slightly when you lie down on it.

You might also like these bestsellers

1. Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress is perfect for side and back sleepers. It also provides enough support to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for everyone.

2. Leesa Hybrid Mattress

This hybrid mattress is a winner thanks to its cooling memory foam and more than 1,000 pocket springs that provide support and durability. For the highest customer satisfaction, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

3. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla allows you to sleep better — but how? The memory foam mattress has copper gel in it, which creates an antimicrobial barrier to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

4. Bear Mattress

The Bear Mattress is made up of three layers of memory foam that are designed to support the body, relieve pressure, and disperse heat.

5. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress could change your life for the better. Ask Nectar’s customers who have reported that it has reduced their back pain, stiffness, and other aches.

6. Birch Natural Mattress

This Birch mattress is a great option if you are trying to live more environmentally-conscious. Your purchase comes with a natural cotton cover that is made from sustainably sourced materials to make your sleep more comfortable.

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