12 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

12 Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

There are endless styling options for long hair, but it is easy to get stuck in a rut. We looked for quick and easy ways to style long hair, including ponytails and braids.

You can play with accessories or create a ponytail with a twist with these easy hairstyles. These styles can be recreated by anyone, you don’t even need to be a professional. We asked several stylists for their opinions. Continue reading for expert-approved long hairstyles. Don’t forget about supplements for hair growth.

Rope Braid

This stunning hairstyle, seen backstage at Max Mara’s S/S 19 Show, looks amazing but is easy to recreate. You will need to be able to braid three-strands and have a scarf, rope, or cord to tie the base. Gina Scipioni, director of education at NEUMA, has some great tips for hairdressers:

Begin by putting your hair in a ponytail, starting at the nape. Secure it with an elastic.

“Then, untangle the hair and divide it into three equal sections.”

“Use NEUMA’s neuStyling Smoothing Cream ($10) to ensure that each strand is free from tangles. Label the three strands 1, 2, 3, or left, middle, and right to make it easier to track.”

Start by taking the strand closest you hold in your dominant hand, and then cross it between the two other strands. This is the middle strand.

“Repeat the process, beginning with the opposite side. Alternate sides every time. Cross the middle strand over the outside strand.

When the braid is completed correctly, it will look like a chain with hearts.

Bobby Pins Stacked

This hairstyle transforms your look from day-to-evening ready in just seconds.

Take good care of your hair. Sarah Sango, afro-hair specialist says that hair should be kept hydrated and untangled. She recommends using good hair wash days and styling products. If hair is curly, Sarah Sango suggests the LOC/LCO technique. To preserve your styles, use the correct styling tools like wide-tooth and silk combs as well as satin and silk pillowcases or bonnets.

Make sure your hair is straight and smooth by twirling it behind your ears.

You can add a trio or more of bobby pins of different colors. Sango says to take care when placing decorative bobbypins on hair. Use grips that will hold the barrettes in place. Gently remove grips without pulling hair or breaking it. Make sure all pins are sealed to prevent snagging.

Pigtail Plaits

Are you tired of standard pigtails? Want something more fun? Tessa Thompson argues for mature pigtail plaits.

Continue the three-strand braiding steps as in #1 but this time create pigtails.

To frame your face, leave a few hair tendrils.

You can style your edges with a product such as Kim Kimble Edge Taming Pomade ($13).

Get a Pony for Every Occasion

This stunning ponytail-esque style can transform your everyday look from zero up to 100. How to do it:

Make a half-up of your front hair and twist it like you are putting it in a bun.

Once you have created one loop, tie the rest of your hair through the bun.

For extra cool points, finish with a barrette and bobby pin.


This simple hair trick can help you manage your hair and make them look gorgeous. For the perfect half-up/half down look, Scipioni has some great advice:

“One tip is to take a look at your face structure and determine if your ears are visible or hidden.

These two elements can make or break a style. With a few simple adjustments, you can go from boho chic and minimalist to rock ‘n roll.

“It’s great to test out half-up styles before you plan to wear them. It’s much easier to make small modifications that really show off your best features.”

Wrap with Bandana

This look is a variation of the ribbon bow but has a more striking look.

It is important to consider the look you want for your scarf. I love movies, and I think back to the 1960s when Elizabeth Taylor wore scarves. Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist, says that she folded the scarves and tied them in a headband at the nape. It was so chic.”

This look is easy to achieve: wrap a silk scarf or bandana around your ponytail, and let the rest hang free.

Scipioni’s “OK Test” is used to determine if the scarf fits well. “If the scarf is too thick for the hole made by your thumb and pointer, just like when you make the OK sign using your hand, it’s probably too thick to be worn in the hairstyle.”

Fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are impressive, but they’re also very easy to make. Here are our easy instructions for how to make a fishtail.

To create your braid, use Shooting Star Texture Meringue ($52). Gibson says this will allow you to control the hair and make it look cool and precise.

Start to braid your hair. You can either make your hair ponytail-style for greater ease or leave it loose for a more polished look.

For a tight fishtail look, braid the hair in two sections.

Next, pull the braid apart using your fingers or backcombing. Make sure to secure the bottom of your braid.

A ponytail for athletes

Have you mastered the low ponytail? You can take it to the next level by adding a thin athletic-style headband at the top of your head. This is Daphne Groeneveld, model at the 2019 Fila fashion show.

Oversized Bow

You can use the same technique as #6, but add an extra bow to finish it (like this style by Kristin Ess).

Scipioni says that when styling long hair with a bob, it is a good rule to keep the bow as low as possible.

“This is a good reminder that a large bow too high on the head can make it appear childlike. However, a large bow at its base adds style and elegance to the style with a hint flirtation.

High-Fashion Ponytail

This high-fashion ponytail will give your hair a sporty, avant-garde look. This style secures hair in two places and adds interest to the back with a mini braid. You can watch the tutorial by Sienree, Mane Addicts’ stylist

Use Olaplex No. 7 Oil to clean and condition your hair. Brush through with 7 Bonding Oil ($28). If you want to alter your texture, you can use a curling iron.

Use a Kitsch ($7) bungee hair tie to secure the ponytail at your nape.

To hide the cord, wrap a little hair around the base of your ponytail. Then use a bobbypin to hold it in place.

Next, remove a section of hair from the top part of the ponytail. Then wrap the hair around the base of your ponytail. Next, use two fingers to secure the knot.

Continue to weave the hair around and through. This will result in a half-braided cuff.

You can achieve a sleek look like this by using a serum to control flyaways and wearing over-the-top earrings.

Scarf for the Head

We know that headbands have returned to the market, but we love Linh Dang Khanh Nguyen’s headscarf-inspired look. This is also a great way to hide greasy roots. It’s a win-win situation.

Faux Bangs

You can get fake bangs at any wig shop. It’s important to make them look natural. Gibson says that Gibson likes a ponytail with them. If you have long hair, you can make bangs. This works well with super curly hair. Do a reverse ponytail, with your hair falling backwards towards the nape of your neck. To make the faux-bangs look more real, you can add a scarf to your hair or a headband.

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